Like any other comic book/manga fan, Koriander does
have her favorite title, that being Sailormoon. Created by female manga-ka
(cartoonist) Naoko Takeuchi, the meta-series follows the adventures of
several young girls who become Sailor Senshi (Sailor Scouts, Guardians or
Soldiers in the US) and fight off evil forces. The series begins with
Codename Sailor V, following Sailor Venus's first year as a 13 year old
fighter for justice, and continues with Sailormoon, following Sailor Moon and
a wide array of other Senshi. There are even side stories, including
Koriander's favorite: Parallel Sailormoon, which follows the children of the

Koriander has led many letter writing campaigns to get the series back in the
United States. Her latest campaign (under the disguise of The Rasslinkitty)
prompted Kodansha to re-release the manga, starting in
September of 2011. Though many have tried to claim credit for this work, lie
and denounce Koriander's work, and have even claimed that Kodansha did this "all
by themselves" most Sailormoon fans agree that it was this simple campaign
that revived the manga and merchandise line for the series.
Viz Media now has the rights to Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal with
both shows running uncensored on Hulu with a new English dub.

Starting February 18, 2005, Koriander has been running a site devoted to the
series, as a way of paying respect to the series that has inspired her the
most and to it's creator. You can visit this page here:

New art added to the top:

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