Kori's Corner

New art added to the top:

Why aren't we teaching our young boys anything?
Let's measure the Stupids!
I am Codename Sailor Earth, and I will never be ashamed to be her.
When a girl says she's fine but really isn't but want you to know that without her telling you...
We sell Guns and Jesus at the Flea Market!
Drama in films is like the color Sepia
A Bloom in the Bitch Garden
Thank you ~ an ode to wrestlers everywhere
To the Veteran in the back...
WHO is stupid?
White vs. Blue wedding dresses
He said he'd get back to me on that job....
Every celebrity mistress, skinny "model" wife/girlfriend and general gold-digger ~ EVER
Stuck up Human Relations worker
Kori hates Ring Rats
The number you have dialed...
... Is being run by a moron. Please try your call again NEVER.
Duke and Duchess Nukem
The Instagram Wrestler
My neighbor hates car doors
YouTube Loading Time
A Facebook Email Directed at Koriander
I want you to draw something for me. What is it? I dunooooo...
Koriander, age 4, 1990
What judgemental people hate hearing...
No Shave November is HAWT
Actual quote from a real MOM...
Kori's new pet..
Mah kids LUV Stewie Griffin, And yew draw pitures right?
My mom said that she wants this as her plackard now that she's disabled.
Girl Scouts
Koriander kicks conformity
Kori can has wrestling??
Obama to Bush ~ Mission Accomplished
Ready for a SUNDAY Wrestling Extravaganza??
If you see me at an Indy Wrestling show...
C.M. Punk: Paying Your Dues.
Hello ~ A poem by Koriander Ake for the mid and low carders
A haiku by Koriander Ake

Posted on MySpace: 2009-2010

Dragon on the hill
Bret Hart introduces D-X to coffee...
Hey is that my music?
Bryan vs. Nigel ~ Crayola Nyah!
Alex Payne vs. Sami Callahan
Ring announcer for Undertaker vs. C.M. Punk
Ring announcer for any given WWE match..
October 2009
Corino and Steen didn't see it coming..
Bryan shall overcome...
Bryan vs. Kaval ~ FCW
Summer of 2010 ~ Your IWA-PR champ!
Bryan's first WWE match of 2010
Independence Day
Chibi Muscle Buster
KOW vs. The young Bucks in Chicago
Chibi KOW with the old ROH belts
Miz at play...
WHO was Bryan's NXT trainer?!?!
ONE more crack...
Kane sees Punk's new maskā€¦
C.M. Punk vs. Jeff Hardy
Dragon's contemplation
Roderick's new favorite book
Taker stares into HBK...
McMahon learns the hard way NOT to piss off a Dragon...
I just don't think WWE is all that fun a place to work for Indy guys.
Aries vs. Bryan ~ Frontier Fieldhouse
Win a date with Todd Sinclair
Alex Payne, Kenny King, Rhett Titus
Kizarny vs. Vickie